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I love the magical process of turning soft pliable and sometimes liquid, brown clay into highly coloured and permanent pieces of art.  It never ceases to thrill me to open the kiln - it is like opening presents at Christmas.

I was born in Jamaica and spent some years there (indeed I can still remember making my first model from red clay in the garden), and later travelled and lived in South East Asia for ten years.  The colour of tropical seas, and the abundant life underwater have long been captivating, and have given inspiration for some of the patterns and shapes seen in my work.  

My current work is creating large elegant forms, which are balanced and satisfying incorporating generous curves and an organic feel. These are decorated in slips and glazes to create impressions of patterns seen in the natural world.  I hope that people will feel drawn to touch them.


HNC Ceramics Swindon College

BA (Hons) 3D Design/Ceramics Bath Spa University